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Nowadays, we can easily purchase an electric appliance through online. However, you may not expert to install electric appliance by yourself. 

It is essential that electrical installation are dangerous and knowledge is a must due to complexity. Thus, you shall need US to install for you! We are the best electrician in Kuala Lumpur ready to give you support.

What's your Problem?

There are some problem may face by our clients before looking for us. 

  • High voltage electric appliance definitely need expertise to in-charge avoid from harming. 
  • Installation could be too complex. You probably need electrician to install which is safe and easy.
  • New plug or switch may needed for new electric appliance.

You Need Us!

There are many possible reason that may need from us. 

  • Water heater installation are essential in terms of the height and the safety of installation. Install in low area may causing the heater board splash by bathing water and electric shock could happen.
  • Installing air cond requires extensive structural works to maintain good performance and avoid future inconvenience such as water damage. Installing air-cond is complex because need to also consider the drainage pipe installation, air ducts installation for better airflow and proper insulation on indoor tubing. Also, you need our expertise to select the best place to install air-cond so it is more efficient.
  • Auto gate are typically heavy and must need workers in assist to complete the task. It needs high level of electrical skills to ensure that the control box could avoid by exposed to sunlight and rain.
  • Installing lighting are burden to clients as they need good planning, systematic arrangement and take care which is absolutely need us to complete the task.

Who are we?

We are electrical appliance installing service provider who have 25 years of experiences in electrical installation service. Our team of professional electricians provide a vast range of electrical services from installing auto gates, water heaters, air conditioning and new lightings. 

We currently focus in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Within KL, we services in Bukit Jalil, Mont Kiara, Kepong, Bangsar, Cheras, Setapak and so on. While for Selangor area, we include Damansara, Sunway, Subang Jaya, Klang, Gombak, Puchong, Seri Kembangan, Sungai Buloh, Petaling Jaya and others.

Why us?

We as a service provider who focus on customer value by giving out the best quality of services. Our service price are always reasonably cheap and affordable. We do provide affordable choice of option in case customer is looking for a cheaper option. Also, our plumbing workers are well-trained and certified by qualification which providing the most advance, best and trusted plumbing services.


Our services are more than just technique installation. We do receive big project such as renovation and refurbishment. For specialized matters, we have different specialist that can handle for every housing problem. They including waterproofing specialist, plumbers, landscape specialist and maintenance that assist you for leaking and repairs works.

We are caring about your safety. Let us install for you, save your time and save your cost! Contact us now for more details!

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