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Electricity is one of the most essential necessities for us to carry out our daily activities. Hence, we are the best electrician who ready to inspect and rectify the problems in this area. 

We also provide licensed wiremen for electrical wiring installation, conduct testing and inspection, repair, maintain and operate electrical wiring system.

We understand the importance of getting quality wiring services from installation of new power socket installations to handling high voltage wiring. And if you want to protect your electrical system from water damage, we know the best way to waterproof it.

Examples of Problematic Wiring

The smallest mistake in any electrical wiring repair can lead to very unsafe conditions. Outdated, damaged or poorly installed and maintained wiring can cause inconvenience and inconsistent electrical performance, property damage, appliances damage and injuries to property owner.

  • Sign indicating that you need an electrical wiring upgrade when your wiring appears to be cracking, peeling or getting exposed. 
  • In addition, your wiring points are darkened or black. 
  • Besides, fuses and circuit breakers get blown quite often for no reason. 
  • And most importantly the burning smell within your walls close to electrical fuses.

Sometimes owners can also cause these issues for example using multiple extensions cords, overloading electrical outlets, damaged or bent electrical plugs. Faulty wiring is very dangerous. Fortunately, they can be inspected and fixed to prevent hazards. Our wiring specialist will conduct a proper wiring inspection throughout your home, identify potential dangers and wiring issues.

Types of Electrical Wiring

Besides that, our electricians are skilled in handling high voltage wiring maintenance of overhead, underground, power plants and other central electrical systems too. They have a thorough knowledge of maintaining electrical systems with charges above 600 volts. They will ensure existing wiring and connections meet the standards with tools to test volts, ohms, and other instruments to test the safety of electrical components.

Waterproofing electrical system is a good idea and will insure that all wiring and connections retain excellent connectivity, even in the wettest and sloppiest conditions. From complexity of water-proofing your irrigation system’s wire splices to water proofing electrical connectors, we have the specialist to do the job for you.

Who are we?

We are the electrical wiring specialist who are major in fixing shop, housing, office and factory wiring services, new plug pointing, high voltage wiring and waterproofed wiring. We are your ideals electrician who provide most safe and guarantee wiring services. 

We cover Cheras, KLCC, OUG, Wangsa Maju, Setapak, Bangsar, Seputeh and Putrajaya and Kepong which is in Kuala Lumpur. Besides, in Selangor we provide service in Petaling Jaya, Gombak, Shah Alam, Klang, Kajang, Sungai Buloh, Ampang, Seri Kembangan, Subang and Puchong.

Why us?

Our services price are always reasonably cheap but yet the outcomes are always the best. This is due to our technician are well-trained and certified by electrical qualification. 

Besides that, we are well known for our prompt and immediate responses. Customer dealing with blackout, outages or short circuit, this prompt response is very important.

In addition, electrical wiring is very crucial in getting a specialist to fix and repair. This is because of the safety hazardous that may impact the customers.


We are definitely your preferred one-stop shop for all electrical wiring solutions. Your safety is our priority and we will ensure that we only use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts for all your electrical wiring installations. We keep your electrical wiring costs down by identifying what your exact needs are. Call us today for a no-obligation consultation! 

Our company focus in every aspect that regarding housing, repairing, installing and maintaining. Our services contain piping installation and repair, waterproof for roof, toilet and balcony, tree cut and landscaping, facility check and maintenance. We also having large project service which is renovation and refurbishment so that we as the one stop company can solve all kind of housing problem.

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